Superintendent's Message

     It is my honor to welcome students,  families and staff to Alta-Dutch School. This is a very special place for me. Like you, I too, am a member of this community, since I live in Dutch Flat. Both of my sons went to school here, and I was the Parents’ Club President during that time. Eventually I started teaching here and taught English and Social Studies for many years as well. I deeply value the relationships I’ve built with my students and their families. Additionally, the staff here aren’t just colleagues but friends. To be given the opportunity to lead the school has long been a dream of mine. My goal is always to build community and to create a place where our students can learn and thrive. I want students to know and to feel that they belong here. We set big goals for them and have high expectations. We may be small and miss some of the opportunities which are available to students at larger schools. There may be more students or more classes or more sports elsewhere. But at Alta-Dutch Flat School, we truly know and care for our students. We strive to fill them up. Our students know who they are when they leave here and they know that they will always have a place here at Alta-Dutch Flat School.  

Mrs. Brown

Superintendent / Principal