Alta-Dutch Flat school competes with other schools in Cross Country, Volleyball, and Basketball

  • In order to participate, students must maintain a 2.0 average with no “F’s” on the last official report card or official progress report. If grades slip below a C average, or an “F” is received for a grading period, student will be restricted from all activities and games until the average is brought up to a “C” and/or the "F" has been raised.
  • When attempting to raise a grade, any outstanding work must be turned in 48 hours prior to the event to be considered for eligibility.
  • Athletes must follow school and sports behavior rules to participate.
  • Families must provide transportation to any sports activity.
  • Student must attend school the day of the sporting event.

Athletic Participation Packet

ADFS Athletic Packet.pdf

Athletic Eligibility Form

Athletic Eligibility Form.pdf